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EP 74: The Ultimate Guide: Changing From W-2 to 1099 - Pt. 2

Transitioning from W-2 to 1099 is a bigger deal than you might first think. So we’ve set out to create the most ER-specific “how-to” guide we can come up with to help those navigating this change. This is Part 2.

We encourage you to re-listen, or listen for the first time, any prior episodes mentioned as they can assist in giving more details in areas we simply can’t fit in this mini-series. And as always, feel free to reach out at if you have any questions or need clarification. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed:     
  • How to avoid penalties.
  • The importance of not missing due dates for payments.
  • How to pay in Social Security or Medicare tax.
  • What actually is tax deductible.
  • How you can make tax filing easier.
  • The benefit of having a separate account for taxes.
  • What benefits you’ll have when switching from W-2 to 1099.

Resources Mentioned:  

EP 63: Can I Deduct That?

EP 47: Everything You Need To Know About Disability Insurance

EP 5: Is The Grass Really Greener?


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