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EP 63: Can I Deduct That?

There’s a fine line in the tax code that oftentimes requires some finessing. Some ER Docs aren’t taking any deductions, some taking a few obvious ones, and others are taking everything and the kitchen sink. Rarely do we find EP’s hitting that sweet spot on their own.

In today’s holiday-themed episode, we will introduce to you a mythical figure that can help you find that sweet spot. We’ll also get into some hilarious real life “can I deduct that” examples we’ve heard over the years. Should be a fun one!

Topics Discussed:     
  • Who RON is and how he can help you with your taxes.
  • What classifies an expense as deductible. 
  • Whether holiday parties are deductible. 
  • Three categories that gifts fall into when referring to tax deductibles. 
  • Common deductions ER Docs think about incorrectly.
  • Why you cannot deduct your gym membership.

Resources Mentioned:  


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