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Financial Wizards. Masters of Coin. Money Therapists. Call us what you want. Bottom line: We love serving ER Docs!

Scott Wisniewski, EA

Founder | Host of Money Talk for ER Docs

Founded ER Doc Advisor back in 2009 and hosts Money Talk for ER Docs™

  • Dallas-native; happily married with two beautiful children
  • Enjoys weightlifting and coaching soccer
  • Former Division 1 Soccer Player at Saint Louis University

Jonny McMullen, CFP®, EA

Planner | Co-host of Money Talk for ER Docs

Has worked alongside Scott since 2010 and co-hosts Money Talk for ER Docs™

  • Dallas-native; happily child-free
  • Enjoys meditation and live music
  • Former Division 1 Soccer Player at Southern Methodist University

Emily Wisniewski

Chief Operating Officer

Emily has overseen the ongoing operations within the company since day one.

  • Happily married and mom to two beautiful children
  • Graduated from Southern Methodist University with her Bachelor of Business Administration


We get these often

Why Emergency Physicians?
First, we mesh with EP personalities and respect what you do. Equally important, the amount of value we can add is tremendous.

We noticed you're an underserved group with unique challenges and opportunities that could be solved through EP-specific advice.
What makes you unique in the vast sea of advisors?
Well... a lot. Independent and Fiduciary. Those two words alone eliminates half of Wall Street. Next, we have an academic investment philosophy. So many advisors still sell clients on products or funds that are supposed to outperform all while they line their pockets. We don't. Finally, we're as comprehensive as it comes. Very few firms handle taxes for clients on top of the other services. This coordinated advice is what is lacking in this industry. Did we mention we work with EP's?
Do you have a minimum asset size to work with you?
We know the financial lifecycle of an EP. That's why we're notorious for investing in relationships over compensation. Even if you're still in residency, we want to talk with you. We'll make it work; we promise.
I'm interested. What should I do next?
Simple—schedule a consultation. It typically goes like this: We will have a 30-minute or so discussion over the phone. We want to familiarize ourselves with your situation, identify the financial painpoints you may be feeling, and determine if there's enough value in working together.
What if I don't live in Texas?
No issues there! We work with clients virtually all across the U.S. We also fly out to meet with clients when necessary.
Who holds my money?
We have a relationship with Charles Schwab. Do we work for Schwab? The answer is "no." They are simply the bank that custodies your funds. We don't ever take possession of client funds and your money can only be distributed between accounts at Schwab and your personal bank account(s). Most importantly, cash is FDIC-insured and securities are protected by SIPC.
Did we miss anything?
If so,

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