ER Doc Advisor - Financial Planning & Taxes for Emergency Physicians

Financial Planning


We prescribe 12 treatments for overall financial health. What are your Vitals?

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Personal spending over personal income. Does your spending align with your goals?


What is your actual compensation when considering variables like taxes, hours, and location?

Estate Planning

From a will to asset protection, this measures the completeness of your legacy goals.


How would a catastrophe impact you? This is scored across 7 potential financial disasters.


Stock investments over total investments. Risk tolerance, age, and goals play a major part in your unique score.


Total monthly debt payments over income. Managing debt is a balancing act.


What is your effective tax rate and is that optimized for your level of income? Planning is key to maximize this.


Total annual savings over total personal income. Are you saving in alignment with your future expectations?

Financial Independence

When is work optional for you? How are you tracking relative to your plan?


Liquid assets over personal spending. How long can you last without income?  What's the cost of maintaining liquidity?

Life Expectancy

Death is inevitable. What are the influencers that can prolong and enhance your life?


How close are you to an income disruption given your work and personal stressors?

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