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EP 98: Does The New Legislation Mean More IRS Audits?

It’s important to remember: The IRS is your partner in everything you do. We know ER Docs already pay a lot in tax. The last thing you want is to get audited and potentially pay even more tax. So will the IRS hiring 87,000 new agents over the next 10 years mean more audits and potentially more tax paid in the coming years for ER Docs?

We’ll explore that question and take a look into the current state of the IRS in this episode.

Topics Discussed:     
  • How the recent influx of IRS agents being hired might impact taxes.
  • The requirement of IRS agents.
  • Common types of fraud seen over 2021.
  • Whether audit rates are going to go up.
  • The likelihood of an audit on an S-Corp return.
  • What an audit actually entails.
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