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EP 94: Are EM Residencies More Competitive Than Ever?

Applying for a residency is stressful. There’s the matching process, applications, interviews, and looming questions like “Will I get my first choice?”, “Will I get at least somewhere in my top 5?”, and inevitably, “Will I get a match at all?” With a looming theory that EM is getting more and more competitive, the landscape for MS4s seems tougher than ever. But is that the reality?

We’ll dig deeper into the theory of competitiveness and more on today’s episode.

Topics Discussed:     
  • What the data says about the competitiveness of the job market.
  • Where the competition truly is.
  • What the most competitive industry is.
  • How many applicants end up in their ideal jobs.
  • Why you should consider doing your residency in rural areas.
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