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EP 90: The Financial Personalities Of Emergency Physicians

We work with hundreds of ER Docs across the country all with different ages, personalities, beliefs, socio-economic backgrounds and even career paths within EM. It’s really a melting pot of people. But despite these differences, we have identified five financial personality types, we feel, encapsulates the majority of our clients. 

Our goal for this wasn’t to put people in a box or make anyone feel judged; rather, it was to help ER Docs identify their financial strengths so they can feel great about those while also identifying their weaknesses to promote positive change if it’s desired. Where does your relationship with money put you in our list?

Topics Discussed:     
  • How your personality type can impact how good you are at your job.
  • The personality traits that generally suit emergency physicians.
  • Why you have to be compassionate and level-headed to be an ER Doc.
  • Who the “golden children” are.
  • Who the “worry-wells'' are.
  • What a “controller” generally does.
  • The common traps “DIY-ers” tend to fall into.
  • Why so many “delegators” tend to overspend.
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Scott Wisniewski, EA