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EP 89: More ER Docs Are Experiencing a Different Type of Burnout

We all experience that feeling when you make a purchase and you end up regretting it. It happens. Could be as small as spending more than you usually would on a dinner and you’re left feeling unsatisfied. Or it can be more significant, like in the case of purchasing a car and that car not living up to the experience you were hoping for. In either case, there’s a sense of regret and that regret is tied to your relationship with your income, expenses, and expectations. It can be difficult to assess whether the feeling is temporary – maybe in the case of a one-off transaction – or if it’s part of an ongoing trend that persists across your entire financial picture. 

On today’s episode, we look into a different kind of burnout than the work-related burnout ER Docs are accustomed to hearing about and focus on ways to restructure your relationship with spending to help combat this feeling and reprioritize what’s important to you.

Topics Discussed:     
  • What financial burnout is.
  • Why so many ER Docs get stuck in the grind.
  • How to ensure you’re spending money on the right things.
  • Why you shouldn’t let excessive spending dictate your workload.
  • How to avoid lifestyle creep.
  • The unique challenges ER Docs face when it comes to income.
  • How to spend more sustainably.
  • The benefit of ranking your purchases on paper to asses what's important.
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