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EP 84: Should You Be Concerned About a Recession?

Investors have grown accustomed to fairly consistent positive returns over the past decade. Have there been periods of loss? Sure. But overall, the positive trend has been staggering. And it’s that recency bias that can make it tough to cope with downturns in the market. Maybe you’re hearing the “should I be selling stocks?” internal dialogue a little louder than you remember hearing it in the past.

If this is you, today’s episode may bring the perspective you need to focus on what you can control and make sure logic overcomes emotion, no matter how dire the situation may feel.

Topics Discussed:     
  • Why the markets have been so volatile recently.
  • If you should be doing something different with your portfolio.
  • What losing in investing actually looks like.
  • Why you shouldn’t sell simply because of a downturn in the market.
  • The importance of looking at the history of recessions.
  • How long it took to overcome the 2008 recession.
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Scott Wisniewski, EA