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EP 82: The Impact of Envision’s Woes On Your Finances

Envision is the 500-lb gorilla in emergency medicine. What happens to them sends ripples through the EM landscape whether you work for them or not. A question we’ve received of late is: What happens to tax-deferred money under an EDP, or more commonly referred to today as a DCP or defined contribution plan, if a company, like Envision, goes under? Do the same protections that exist for an IRA or 401(k) exist for a non-qualified plan?

If you’re at all interested in the business-side, or private equity’s involvement in healthcare, today’s episode is a good one to tune in to as we’ll break down the structure that makes up a staggering 40% of US ER Departments and, ultimately, how that impacts the finances of ER Docs.

Topics Discussed:     
  • What you should know about private equity.
  • How private equity is involved in healthcare.
  • What DCP is.
  • Whether to reconsider contributing to the DCP.
  • What would happen if a major DCP went under.
  • What will happen if you accept Envision’s payout.
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