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EP 77: Navigating Geopolitical Events & All Eyes On The Fed

Feeling a never-ending sense of unrest with today’s current events? There was COVID that shook our world for a couple of years. We caught some semblance of normalcy with the Winter Olympics. But today, we have the Federal Reserve planning to hike rates in an effort to combat the prevailing high inflation we see all around us… and a war, with an uncertain outcome. While it can feel raw and emotional, we have to be reminded that this time is not different. Events like these have happened several times before. Can we draw upon our past to arrive at logical conclusions for our present?

That’s the topic of today’s episode: bringing rationale to an otherwise chaotic world we’re living in.

Topics Discussed:     
  • The appropriate time to exit or re-enter the market.
  • The importance of having a diversified portfolio.
  • How to create sustainable flexibility in your financial process.
  • How to navigate the current inflation.
  • What bonds are and what to be aware of with them.
  • The difference between ETFs and a single bond in a company.
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