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EP 75: A Post-COVID Job Market With Barb Katz

The Godmother of the Emergency Physician recruiting world – Barb Katz – joins Scott on this special edition of the Money Talk For ER Docs podcast. Barb shares her unique perspective on the job market Pre-COVID and her anticipation for what is to come. She gets into hourly rates and sign-on bonuses, where opportunities seem to be popping up, the pay discrepancies from location to location, and what residency programs are, or are not, doing to prepare new graduates entering the workforce. Ultimately arriving at the answer for: Has a new norm been set for the job market and if so, how long will that last?

Everybody will find value in listening to this episode, but especially those who are soon to graduate or those looking for a new job or worried for the security of their current job.

Topics Discussed:     
  • What is to be expected in the post-COVID job market.
  • What a “stupid” request is when job hunting.
  • Why graduates have become too entitled. 
  • The importance of remembering that you are not entitled to any position.
  • How location is impacting physicians' wages.
  • The best areas to find a job right now.
Resources Mentioned:  
Barb Katz: Website


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Scott Wisniewski, EA