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EP 70: Adding Excitement To Your Portfolio Through Alternative Investments

We’ve talked about the power of diversification in the stock and bond markets, but what about expanding beyond? At first glance it makes sense: you’re adding even more diversification to your portfolio thereby spreading your eggs over additional baskets. But before you seek alternatives, like crypto, business ventures, real estate, art, and commodities, there are three qualifiers you need to evaluate before diving in.

In this episode, we’ll go over if alternatives make sense for ER Docs. Or, if accepting that additional risk could dampen long-term goals when things don’t go right.

Topics Discussed:     
  • Why proper diversification in income streams is essential.
  • The power of diversification.
  • Three qualifiers to evaluate before jumping into the stock and bond markets.
  • How prices are determined for Bitcoin.
  • Alternatives for ER docs who want to make investments.

Resources Mentioned:  


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Scott Wisniewski, EA