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EP 07: Financial (And Non) Things ER Docs Can Be Thankful For

2020 has been tough on everyone. ForER Docs specifically, you are at the forefront of battling a global pandemic, risking your lives for others. On top of that, you’ve likely experienced some financial lapses in income as a result of shift cuts or RVU reductions.

In this episode, we just want to take some time to think about some things ER Docs can be thankful for, some financial, some not, this holiday season. While Thanksgiving day this year might look different for nearly everyone, there’s something to be hopeful for with highly effective vaccines and therapeutics on the horizon.

Topics Discussed:

·      Some of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

·      The importance of re-evaluating and reassessing what we’re thankful for.

·      What is unique about ER docs when it comes to finances.

·      Interesting benefits of being an ER doc compared to other careers.

·      The variety of options that ER docs have.


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