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EP 68: I’m Young & Healthy—Do I Need Life Insurance?

A topic that is often overlooked until we bring it up with a client is when to get life insurance. It’s a bit of a conundrum on the surface: When you’re young and healthy, the risk of dying seems lower or you may not even have someone dependent on your income yet. But when you get older, your risk goes up, and so does the premium you’ll be paying for a policy.

In this episode, we’ll discuss when that right time is and get into why the insurance industry is undergoing a statistical once-in-a-millennium event making it more important than ever to review and qualify for insurance.

Topics Discussed:     
  • The right time to get life insurance.
  • The benefit of having life insurance.
  • Why insurance companies are changing their policies.
  • How inflation is hurting insurance companies.
  • Why insurance companies are seeing higher demand.
  • When life insurance might not pay out for a COVID-related death.
  • The benefit of having your insurance on autopay.

Resources Mentioned:  


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