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EP 67: Recapping Market Headlines From ‘21: What We Learned

Last year felt like a blur for many. Before we were able to even process 2020, we were nearing the end of 2021. It was a year of uncertainty, anticipation, and hopes for a return to normalcy—and one that showed yet again the importance of trusting markets and remaining flexible.

In this episode, we’ll do a dive into the top economic and investment themes of 2021 and analyze what we can learn from them moving forward.

Topics Discussed:     
  • Why making investment decisions based on predictions is hard.
  • The importance of diversification in terms of your investment portfolio.
  • Why no one is really ahead of the curve in terms of investments.
  • What we learned about cryptocurrency this past year.
  • Why reaching record highs in the market is a normal and expected event.

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