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EP 66: The K-Shaped Divergence Within EM

The Omicron Variant has contributed to ER volumes being at all-time highs across the US. It wasn’t too long ago, volumes were low. In either case, such volatility has left financial consequences – both positive and negative.

In this episode, we explain this K-shaped divergence, both in the economy and internally within emergency medicine, and discuss why maintaining a financial plan in times of variance becomes more and more vital.

Topics Discussed:     
  • What a K-shaped divergence is.
  • Who is thriving throughout the pandemic.
  • Who has not benefited from the pandemic.
  • Why the Omicron Variant has changed the game once again.
  • The importance of ensuring you are saving enough for taxes.
  • What processes you should put in place if you are making more money. 
  • How to properly invest for retirement.

Resources Mentioned:  


planning, financial planning, ER doctor, doctors, finances, divergence, omicron

Scott Wisniewski, EA