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EP 65: An Easy Way To Add Happiness This New Year

A New Year means a clean slate. With that typically comes resolutions: exercise more, eat healthier, quit smoking… and dare we say prioritize your finances!

But unlike other resolutions that may only last a month or two, there is a way to stay true to prioritizing your finances. And when done correctly, studies show it supports an overall happier existence. So in this episode, we’ll discuss how to achieve this starting 2022.

Topics Discussed:     
  • The importance of keeping money aside to pay off your loans.
  • What you should do if you had 1099 income in 2021.
  • How to alleviate some of your financial burdens.
  • Why prioritizing your finances in 2022 is crucial.
  • Why you should keep track of your spending.
  • How to align your spending with your goals.

Resources Mentioned:  


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Scott Wisniewski, EA