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EP 43: On Sept. 30, What Are You Going To Do With Your Student Loans?

September 30th, 2021 marks an important date: the unthawing of frozen student loan payments and interest. As ER Docs with, in many cases, large amounts of student debt, resumption of student loan payments will undoubtedly have an impact on not only cash flow, but a whole slew of other factors, both financial and emotional.

So in today’s episode, we go over these factors and highlight the importance of getting a plan of attack together now before the end of September.

Topics Discussed:

·      The childcare advance credit and what that’s all about.

·      The stress burden of the healthcare system and how important it is to watch out for each other right now.

·      How financial, mental and physical well-being are intertwined.

·      The details of the executive order on student loan debt and what to expect for September.

·      How you need to prepare and strategize for student loan payments.

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Scott Wisniewski, EA