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EP 40: Home Prices and Mortgage Rates: Post-COVID

All-time high real estate prices and renting prices. All-time low mortgage rates. Inflation to the cost of building supplies. Remote working being the new norm. Varying COVID regulations by state…

The dust has yet to settle completely on what all of these variables will result in, but one thing is certain: the rules of home ownership have changed. If you are looking at buying your first home, moving to a new home, or even if you are happy with your current living situation, no matter what, you are not untouched by what is going on around you. Serious thoughts and decisions still need to be made as the financial opportunity is too great to be sitting on your hands.

Topics Discussed:
  • How mortgage rates have changed and where that puts you.
  • The importance of aligning your money with your values.
  • Whether you should pay off your mortgage early.
  • Scenarios to look at when thinking of moving or buying. 
  • What you should know before moving from renting to buying.
  • Why you should look at your entire financial plan.
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Scott Wisniewski, EA