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EP 39: The Business Side of Emergency Medicine

In this episode, we speak with Ana – Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress is a global investment manager with approximately $50B under management. Ana has a wealth of knowledge within the medical space she specializes in.

We cover a lot in this interview: the outlook for emergency medicine, the pros and cons of private equity in the Emergency Medicine space, the “oversaturation” issue projected for ER Docs, and importantly – will stability and volumes return back to pre-COVID numbers? Her perspective is valuable, unique, and enlightening.

Topics Discussed:
  • How Ana keeps up with the large industry that is healthcare.
  • How she digs deep in the emergency medical space.
  • Ana’s perspective on the direction the industry is headed.
  • How COVID affected the rate pressure.
  • The good and the bad of private equity in some of the largest providers of emergency care.
  • How urgent care centers and freestanding ERs differ from the hospital setting.
  • The primary issues with freestanding ERs.
Resources Mentioned:

Ana Fratila: Website | LinkedIn  


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