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EP 35: Is It Worth Owning a Free-Standing Or Urgent Care?

Owning a free-standing or urgent care – sounds appealing, right? You could get to own your own business, guarantee shifts, and make it hard to be fired. Lots of upside. But owning or investing in one is truly a minefield. A lifetime of financial ruin can result from your misstep.

So in this episode, we break down the difference and hopefully give you enough insight for you to make a determination if going this route is right for you. Because odds are, you have or will be presented with an opportunity somewhere in your career.

Topics Discussed:
  • Why looking at the amount you could lose, as well as the amount you could gain, is key. 
  • The importance of site research.
  • Why you must analyze your mindset before committing.
  • What to be aware of when purchasing free-standing or urgent care.
  • Why it ultimately boils down to your personality type.
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planning, financial planning, ER doctor, doctors, free-standing, urgent care, real estate

Scott Wisniewski, EA