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EP 32: Continued: The Financial Aftermath of Your Death

If you were to die today, how much of a financial mess would you leave behind for your loved ones to pick up?

There are many untold financial truths in the wake of you dying that you probably haven’t thought of or considered. The good news is, because you’re reading this, you have the ability to organize things your significant other won’t want to deal with when grieving. Take it upon yourself to get at least the foundation we discuss in this episode in place. It can be so easy to put it off.

Topics Discussed:
  • How to set your family up financially so they are well prepared if you passed away suddenly.
  • Three things that need to be in place for your eventual demise. 
  • The best method for preparing for premature death. 
  • The importance of having life insurance. 
  • How to ensure your spouse has access to all of your accounts if you suddenly died.

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Scott Wisniewski, EA