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EP 30: Is Real Estate Investing Worth It?

All-time high home prices in EVERY STATE – but, is investing in real estate the right call for the busy ER Doc?

In this episode, we analyze the occupational factors at play when it comes to investing in real estate, visit real truths that are often overlooked, and conclude with the major considerations you need to take before venturing into this space. There’s always an opportunity-cost with every financial decision and that especially rings true with real estate.

Topics Discussed:
  • The different ways to invest in the real estate market.
  • The occupational factors that stack against you as an ER doctor.
  • The truths about real estate investments.
  • What uncompensated risk is and how it applies to real estate.
  • The benefits and risks to investing in real estate versus investing in stocks.
  • What makes real estate worth investing in.

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ER Doctor, Financial Advisor, investing, real estate, stock market, investments, uncompensated risk

Scott Wisniewski, EA