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EP 03: The Donkey, The Elephant, and Your Portfolio

What should you do with your investments in response to or preparation for the coming election in November? In this episode, Scott and Jonny share their thoughts and advice on how to manage your finances in an election year and plan for the uncertain outcomes that it may bring. An election is something that drums up a lot of financial questions and concerns for many people, so if you have some concerns of your own, this episode is for you.

Tune in to hear how the markets tend to behave in an election year, as well as cool analogies to bring things into better perspective and provide some confidence as the political arena heats up. You’ll learn how to navigate the various risks and upcoming opportunities, what the Efficient Market Hypothesis means for your investments, and more.

Topics Discussed:
  • The market predictions for the outcomes and financial risk of the upcoming election.
  • How the stock market works and how it processes information.
  • The Efficient Market Hypothesis and what it means for your investments.
  • How the political parties got their mascots.
  • Analogies that help put the upcoming financial possibilities into perspective.
  • Active investing vs. passive investing and the negative sum game that’s being played.

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