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EP 28: Workforce in 2030: Are You Prepared?

The Emergency Medicine Physician Workforce: Projections for 2030 research was recently released highlighting a projected supply and demand mismatch within EM. It has been trending this way since the early 2000’s, but COVID has revved up the chance of there being an oversupply of EP’s for the first time in history. What would this mean for you? Are you prepared for this very real possibility?

In this episode, we review the research, then discuss the financial aspects of what you could (or should) be doing now to prepare. As the saying goes: the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Topics Discussed:
  • The importance of having a “flight plan” and being prepared for potential obstacles.
  • The background of the emergency workforce projection.
  • A summary of what the report is all about.
  • The key details that you need to know about the emergency workforce projection.
  • How you can best prepare for the issues projected to arise.

Resources Mentioned:


Emergency Medicine Physician Workforce:Projections for 2030  


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