ER Doc Advisor - Financial Planning & Taxes for Emergency Physicians

EP 27: Why ER Docs?

We get asked one question more than any other. More than even how can I reduce my taxes or should I refinance my student loans. The question? Why do you work with ER Doctors?

It makes sense why we get this question: Most ER Docs don’t understand that their profession and personalities combine to create tremendous financial opportunities.  So in this episode, we start by discussing our humble beginnings, get into our first ER Doc client, and lead you down the unique path of how our firm was shaped to the needs of ER Docs… to today, where we are the go-to advisory and tax firm for ER Docs in the country.

Topics Discussed:
  • Why we chose to focus on ER docs.
  • What made us decide to start a podcast.
  • Why we decided to take taxes in-house.
  • Why having a financial planner that also does your taxes truly helps.
  • The initial issues we saw with insurance policies.

Resources Mentioned:  


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