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EP 21: $16K Electric Bill?! Fixed vs Variable Financial Decisions

Everyone has wondered if they can save money by going the variable route, whether it’s with student loans, mortgages, or insurance. And variable can be sweet... If you can get it right. But there is POWER in predictability, as was showcased in Texas this past week with variable electricity rates that shot up 9,000X the alternative fixed rates.

So, where and when can variable rates rule? We explore the decision tree that exists in a slew of other financial areas.

Topics Discussed:
  • How the Texas power system works—and what went wrong.
  • Why property taxes in Texas are so large.
  • Where we see variable versus fixed decisions within taxes.
  • What to look at if you’re considering a variable rate.
  • The importance of looking at all the pieces before making a financial decision.
  • The value in going the predictable route.

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