ER Doc Advisor - Financial Planning & Taxes for Emergency Physicians

EP 19: The 20/20 Rule To Build Wealth

Are you abiding by the 20/20 rule? On average most ER Docs surprisingly are. If you aren’t, START SOMEWHERE. The easiest way to figure out your starting point is to dissect your cash flow. Really do a deep dive into where your income is going each month and assess if your outflows align with your values and goals. Then, prioritize saving money before secondary expenditures.

But even if you are saving enough, and saving it early enough, you will still fall short if you aren’t putting your money to work. Wrong accounts, wrong investments, and bad behavior are the typical culprits. Make sure you are maximizing the efficiency of your savings. It is too costly not to.

Topics Discussed:
  • What the 20/20 rule of thumb is for building wealth for ER docs.
  • The animals with the best vision.
  • The 12 vital signs to determine your financial health.
  • How much the average ER doc is saving of their pre-tax income.
  • How to maximize the efficiency of your savings.

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