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EP 182: Why Recasting Your Mortgage Could Make More Sense Than Ever

Mortgage rates are high relative to very recent history. Despite this, it’s inevitable that we may have to participate in those higher rates if we move, upsize, downsize, or acquire a first-time home. In any of these cases, there’s an unconventional and little know strategy for reducing your mortgage payment over the life of the mortgage term.

On today’s episode, we’ll discuss a cash flow improvement strategy that works well in today’s high interest rate and high stock market price environment.

Topics Discussed:   

  • The common desire we see to accelerate mortgage payments.
  • What it means to recast your mortgage.
  • Where the true beauty lies in recasting your mortgage.
  • What you need to be aware of before recasting.
  • What to think about when it comes to refinancing.
  • Breaking down the numbers when it comes to different payment options.
  • Situations where recasting make the most sense.

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