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EP 175: Critiquing An ER Doc's Wallet

How do you pay for things? And what’s the thought process behind what card you pull out of your wallet? The effort you bring to this area of your spending is a precursor to living an overall better and more organized financial life.

On today’s episode, we’ll discuss the balance that works for most ER docs in a world of credit card rewards, mailed offers, referral codes, high-interest accounts, and banks of all shapes and sizes competing for your business.


Topics Discussed:   
  • The psychology behind what card you use.
  • What we advise when it comes to spending behavior.
  • Which bank we prefer and why.
  • Sources of potential fraud and how that could affect the way you choose to spend.
  • The value of spending data over time.
  • Business vs. personal spending and how that should be managed.
  • What to do with an unused credit card.

Resources Mentioned:


ER Doc's Wallet, expenses, credit cards, charging, payments, optimized spending, maximizing your spending, ER docs, emergency doctors

Scott Wisniewski, EA