ER Doc Advisor - Financial Planning & Taxes for Emergency Physicians

EP 168: The 2024 Financial Calendar for ER Doctors

A new year carries with it the best intentions for ourselves. From eating right and exercising, to relationships and hobbies, and even finances, we get a clean slate at becoming a better version of our past selves. And where many focus on general areas to improve or specific financial to-do’s, we wanted to come at things from a different perspective. One that hopefully sparks a moment of clarity and facilitates action.

On today’s episode, we’ll discuss all the things that will prevent you from achieving a beautiful and lasting financial life not only in 2024, but year-after-year. There’s a specific system you need to implement this month to ensure you stop the vicious cycle and begin maximizing wealth building now and moving forward.


Topics Discussed:   
  • Why January is the best time to implement something new.
  • The importance of building a cash flow plan.
  • Why understanding where you are currently in your finances is essential.
  • How to ensure your prep work is working.
  • The importance of getting ahead on your taxes.
  • How to ensure your 2024 financial plan is on track for success.

Resources Mentioned:


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Scott Wisniewski, EA