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EP 167: Are the Returns You Expect from Your Investments Realistic?

For those who haven’t heard of Dave Ramsey, he’s an American radio personality who gives financial advice to roughly 18M listeners a week. Oddly enough, he isn’t actually a financial advisor; he does not have his own clients. Yet he has written several books on finance and his words carry a lot of weight. Mr. Ramsey recently had a pretty controversial statement go viral regarding how much a retirement portfolio earns and how much can safely be withdrawn from said portfolio in retirement.

On today’s episode, we want to speak to several of his outrageous comments and talk generally about investment expectations and realities.


Topics Discussed:   
  • How Dave Ramsey has positioned himself and his investments.
  • A controversial statement Dave made recently when giving advice to a caller.
  • Our insight on the S&P and overview of how it fits into a financial plan.
  • Data we’ve seen on stock and fund performance and our issues with Dave’s advice.
  • What sequence of return is and how we can use it to better understand returns.
  • Data on return expectations and what we can take away from that.

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