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EP 165: Reasons ER Docs Are Interested in Startups

As we’ve discussed before, ER docs are a special specialty. Beyond the financial uniqueness, so, too, are the personality traits. Whether those personalities are formed as a result of becoming an EP or if they are a prerequisite for going down the path in the first place, that’s a topic for debate. In either case, the nature of the job promotes an interest in, ironically, getting out and leaving the profession in many cases. And with this desire, there tends to be a match found in start-ups with a bias toward medicine technology often in AI.

On today’s episode, we’ll talk more about the personality traits of ER docs and spin the startup element from our financial point-of-view.


Topics Discussed:   
  • Why you see so many ER docs involved in AI, innovation, and startups.
  • What it means to be in a “younger specialty.”
  • The personality types that gravitate toward the ER and how that ties into startups and innovation.
  • The value of decision-making and why ER docs are good at it.
  • The issue with success and payoff in innovation.
  • The role of burnout when it comes to change, finances, and success.
  • The pressure to make changes to serious inefficiencies and failures in the system.
  • What to focus on when you're thinking of making changes or doing something different.

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Scott Wisniewski, EA