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EP 16: Do You Know About These Lesser Known Retirement Accounts?

Our goal for this episode is to lay out all of the retirement accounts that you might be eligible for, including some lesser known options that can be extremely advantageous for an ER doc. If you want to be financially sound, you need to not only know what might be available to you, but likely contribute to a combination of these accounts.

It can be complex and overwhelming understanding the retirement landscape. EPs tend to experience frequent change in their employment status for instance, but knowing how to take advantage of all that is available to you has a life-changing compounding impact.

Topics Discussed:
  • What every ER doctor should know about retirement accounts.
  • Why a 401(k) is not enough for ER doctors.
  • How inflation factors into your retirement accounts.
  • Eligibility requirements for the different retirement accounts.
  • The secretive saving vehicles you should be aware of.

Resources Mentioned:

The Onion  


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