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EP 159: Enhancing the Value of Owning Rental Properties

The biggest risks associated with owning rental properties have to do with certain variables that are typically out of your control. Think neighborhood changes, real estate market cycles, and especially locality risks. So if there was a way to hedge some of this risk, and yield tax benefits, then owning rental properties would be more valuable than we typically communicate in our podcast, especially when compared to the earnings that are achievable for an ER doc with such a high salary.

On today’s episode, we’ll talk about a certain type of rental property and the tremendous tax savings that can be generated from it while simultaneously providing its own hedge to the common rental property risks.


Topics Discussed:   
  • The main problems with rental properties and minimizing taxes.
  • Why it might be helpful to be classified as a real estate professional.
  • What a Vacation Stay Residence is and how to qualify.
  • What most ER docs don’t know about short-term rentals.
  • What a Cost Segregation Study is and how it helps find the correct depreciation schedule.
  • What you need to know about the risks and downsides involved in short-term rentals.
  • Important exceptions that you should keep in mind.

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