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EP 158: The Strategic Early Retirement Years Of An ER Doctor

A properly designed financial plan is truly a work of art. It requires decades of discipline, hard work, and thought. What most don’t realize is that they’re only halfway to the finish line once they reach retirement. If you look at a financial life like a marathon, the working years make up the accumulation or pace-setting part of the race. The second half is the draw-down or stamina period. That “home stretch” is all about strategizing to ensure your reserves get you to the finish line. This requires as much, if not more, effort and strategy as it took to accumulate.

On today’s episode, we discuss the early retirement years of an ER doc, the various strategies to distribute assets, and some expense considerations that often get overlooked.


Topics Discussed:   
  • An update on tax payments in California.
  • The most crucial time period to ensure your assets last through retirement.
  • How non-income tax drawdowns work into your retirement plan.
  • Strategies of using outside of post-tax money and the impacts on your accounts.
  • Opportunities available to “fill out” a tax bracket to maximize your contributions.
  • The age 55 rule and how that impacts your access to funds.
  • What to do if you want to start retiring closer to age 50.
  • How to plan for spending appropriately depending on your retirement goals.
  • An often overlooked expense during retirement.

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