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EP 155: Should You Buy Private Malpractice Insurance?

There’s more job turnover than ever with the consolidation happening in EM. Of course, with any transition or change, it can be stressful. Inevitably questions will come to mind like: How long will it take to find new work? What will the pay be? How will management operate? But, one thing that can get overlooked is the topic of malpractice insurance – not just for the new job, but tail coverage for the prior one.

On today’s episode, we’ll discuss this topic of whether a private med-mal policy is worth it and the various considerations that go into making that decision.


Topics Discussed:   
  • A reminder for 2022 taxes and what you can do now.
  • The big change that has affected over 1,000 physicians.
  • The way money flows when bankruptcy happens.
  • What hospitals cover when it comes to liabilities.
  • How common it is to have a lawsuit brought against you as an ER doc.
  • What happens to coverage when bankruptcy occurs.
  • How much coverage you should have and why it’s possible to have too much.
  • Why you should shop around for the best policy.

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