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EP 152: Cash Is A Terrible Investment...Even At 5%

Making money while you sleep is a worthy pursuit. And what better way to do it than within the comfort of your bank account! Little risk; high returns… it seems these days everybody is comparing rates between different savings account options.

But someday the musical chairs will end and where will you be? In today’s episode, we’ll discuss cash as an investment vehicle, the topic of inflation, and all things long-term investing in high-interest rate environments.


Topics Discussed:   
  • The interest rate levels and the effects they have now (and in the future).
  • How to combat inflation when rates are higher.
  • Why cash is risky.
  • What high-yield savings accounts are best for.
  • Why CDs can be riskier than the stock market.
  • The relationship between interest rates and inflation.
  • The value of a long-term mindset.

Resources Mentioned:


cash investment, inflation rates, high-interest rates, interest rates, long-term investments, ER docs, emergency doctor, financial planning,

Scott Wisniewski, EA