ER Doc Advisor - Financial Planning & Taxes for Emergency Physicians

EP 150: More Shake-up in HealthCare: MedExpress and APP

Change is inevitable in life, and healthcare is no exception. This was especially true during COVID, but even to this day, more debt, high inflation, and its effect on wages and supplies, as well as legislative changes, all combine to create volatile environments within healthcare.

On today’s episode, we’ll get into two recent cases of change – MedExpress and APP – and what this could mean for ER docs. As always, we’ll reinforce some financial suggestions that you should be considering amidst changes occurring all around you.


Topics Discussed:   
  • Recent trends lately with finances and planning.
  • Upcoming deadlines for filing deferred taxes.
  • Why you want to get started setting up your entity as soon as possible when switching to 1099.
  • The best way to not miss out on tax advantages.
  • Why it’s so important to have adequate cash reserves.
  • What to keep in mind when it comes to the changing landscape of medicine.

Resources Mentioned:


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