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EP 149: If You Have Student Loans, You Have To Listen This Episode

The time has finally come – student loan payments are officially commencing. And while we hoped a major legislative change would kick the can further down the road or eliminate the debt altogether, unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. With that said, there are some major updates that need to be considered that just went into effect.

This is why today’s episode is a must-listen; we’ll go over Biden’s SAVE Plan option, some ER doc-specific math and case studies of when refinancing debt or hopping on (or switching) to an income-based repayment option may make sense, and finally end with some important deadlines you’ll want to make sure you are aware of.

Topics Discussed:   
  • When interest will start accruing.
  • When payments need to start.
  • The new SAVE plan options.
  • Changes being made to payments and payment options.
  • Tax impacts to keep in mind.
  • Key examples of how this affects ER docs and the different scenarios involved that may impact your repayment plan.

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Scott Wisniewski, EA