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EP 141: Will AI Replace ER Docs?

AI has been a hot topic over the past year. Everyone is discussing new technology and how it will improve, or in some cases, not improve our day-to-day lives. But the one question on most people’s minds is: Will it replace my ability to make a living?

On today’s episode, we explore this question as it pertains to ER docs and emergency medicine. We’ll also look at how AI could impact financial markets and what that could mean for investment returns.

Topics Discussed:     
  • New developments in VR, AR, AI, and where it might be headed.
  • Ways these technologies can read your brain to affect your user experience.
  • Chat GPT and its abilities - including being able to pass the MCAT and do diagnostics.
  • Conclusions when it came to chat GPT’s diagnostic abilities.
  • What we think the role of AI will be in the ER.
  • How AI may influence the financial markets.
  • The value of human assessment and how AI may be able to help.

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