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EP 14: Moral Injury, Wellness, and Career Longevity with Dr. Julia Huber

On today’s episode, we speak with our first guest – Dr. Julia Huber. Julia is a wellness advocate and coach for EP’s utilizing her unique vantage point as an EP herself to define burnout and moral injury, and to address some of the current thinking on both individual and systemic issues. 

EM is already a high-stress career. COVID has only amplified that. It is so easy to ignore problems and unhealthy stress as it is happening. This procrastination or ignorance can have a profound impact on your career longevity and overall life purpose and happiness. That goes for both financial wellness and general well-being… and as Julia showcases, both are intertwined.

We hope this episode can serve as a reminder to take a second to really evaluate how you are feeling right now and take steps to ensure you aren’t proceeding down a path of hazard, both financially and in all other facets of well-being.

Topics Discussed:
  • How Julia got interested in physicians and their needs.
  • The different circumstances that physicians tend to face and how she is able to help them.
  • What moral injury is and how it’s a common theme with physicians.
  • What you can add to your “tool box” when it comes to staying on track with what is important to you.
  • The importance of planning and strategy both short and long term.
  • Dealing with the disconnection that comes with odd hours and flexibility.
Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Julia Huber: Website | Email

ACEP Peer Counseling

Lorna Breen Healthcare Provider Protection Act  


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Scott Wisniewski, EA