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EP 138: The US Debt Ceiling. Simplified.

The idea of the US Government failing to pay its bills is a very scary thought. And the media loves to let the public know about it. Without question, the global implications of this could be catastrophic. But does that mean it’s worth losing sleep over as an ER doc?

On today’s episode, we’ll answer that question, provide a bit of history on the US debt ceiling, and of course, let you know what you can be doing to ensure you’re prepared for whatever may happen.

Topics Discussed:     
  • The buildup and attention being given to the debt ceiling and why it shouldn’t be that way.
  • How the debt ceiling may affect you and your financial future.
  • What the debt ceiling is and why it was created.
  • The only other country with a debt ceiling and why it’s not common.
  • The history of debt ceiling negotiations in the US throughout history.
  • Who owns most of the US debt.
  • The result of a default.
  • What can (or cannot) be done about the US debt issues.
  • How you can best prepare for the possible outcome of the negotiations.

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Scott Wisniewski, EA