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EP 135: EPs and EVs: New Tax Rules for Electric Vehicles

Tax laws, like electricity, move fast. The rules of last year, or even last month, no longer apply when it comes to electric vehicles. Have you considered you may earn too much to earn a tax credit? Or are you looking to purchase an EV that no longer qualifies for a tax credit? Have you considered how leasing may be different than buying now?

On today’s episode, we answer these questions and get into everything you should be aware of if in the market for a new electric vehicle or planning to make green changes to your home.

Topics Discussed:     
  • The EP and EV trends and how they have increased rapidly in the last 2-3 years.
  • Updates that happened to tax credits.
  • How the tax code has affected the electric vehicles you purchase.
  • What receiving a tax credit looks like.
  • Important considerations to keep in mind when looking into one of these tax credits.
  • Why ER docs are a key group who are included in this kind of credit.
  • An important workaround that has to do with leasing.

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