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EP 134: Is Your Investment Portfolio Still Down?

It’s normal to feel a variety of positive and negative emotions throughout your investment life. From fear to elation, from pessimism to optimism… no matter the feeling, how you perceive and act (or not) on those emotions is what matters.

Before you listen further, ask yourself how your portfolio performed in Q1, 2023. If you aren’t sure, that may actually be the healthiest response someone could have to that question. We’ll discuss why on today’s episode.

Topics Discussed:     
  • What a "time billionaire" is and the relationship between age and time spent with yourself.
  • Why we don’t talk about market performance often.
  • What happened in 2022 and what we’re entering into in 2023.
  • The unexpected market performance this year that many people don’t realize.
  • What happened if you DID flee the market in 2022—and when to get back in.
  • Where investors are often rewarded.
  • Understanding the randomness of returns and how to capture them.
  • The value of sticking to investment principles.

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