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EP 124: This Little Known Risk of ER Docs Retiring "Early"

What does “retirement” really mean? We think it’s an overused buzzword that can mean so many things to so many people, but traditionally speaking, it refers to the age at which you stop working. On the surface this is a worthy pursuit; however, making this a focus or long-term goal may be jeopardizing more than you know.

In this episode we’ll discuss a risk everyone should be considering when thinking about retiring and hopefully shine light on why getting things together financially means so much more than “when am I going to stop working?”

Topics Discussed:     
  • Common questions and concerns that come with retirement.
  • The financial life cycle and how it may differ for ER docs.
  • Why “traditional” retirement may be a broken concept.
  • The importance of understanding what is necessary mentally and emotionally to live a fulfilling life.
  • What most people would do differently when planning for retirement.
  • Why it’s important to open up your options and assess the different possibilities for retirement.
  • A unique opportunity that ER docs have.
  • The biggest player that affects your retirement choices.

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financial planning, retirement planning, traditional retirement, ER doctors, emergency medicine, emergency room

Scott Wisniewski, EA