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EP 123: Breaking the Mold: Finances of Women EPs

Being an EP in and of itself puts you well beyond the average American when it comes to finances. But consider even that the finances of EPs differ from those of other physicians. And further, the finances of women EPs differ from male EPs. The more you drill into subsets, the greater the potential for anomalies.

In this episode, we’ll look into the topic of American women savings disparities and how women EPs may differ, the important things you should be considering regarding non-working spouses, and even go beyond the financial realm into planning for life decisions and goals in retirement.

Topics Discussed:     
  • Why women tend to have less savings than men.
  • Life expectancies and how to plan your finances around them.
  • The variety of issues we can learn from and plan to avoid.
  • The biggest hurdle to overcome with financial planning and what your goal should be.
  • Maternity leave, disability, and other issues that pop up for female docs.
  • Day-to-day aspects of retirement to plan for.

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life expectancy, women's savings, retirement planning, savings, ER doctors, emergency medicine, emergency room

Scott Wisniewski, EA