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EP 121: Using Emergency Codes to Assess Your Finances

As an ER doc, you’re well aware of hospital emergency codes and the essential information they communicate. This got us thinking – can we draw parallels between medical codes found in your workplace and financial situations we find ER doc’s encounter outside of the workplace?

In this episode, we’ll get into that along with the history of these codes and discuss the current usage of codes across the United States.

Topics Discussed:     
  • The similarities between ER codes and financial situations people find themselves in.
  • Communication issues and misunderstood codes.
  • The disruption of cashflow and how it tends to affect ER docs.
  • Why your susceptibility to catastrophe is important to be aware of.
  • Savings and setting your children up to succeed.
  • How messy habits get in the way of steady finances.
  • Signs you may not be getting the best financial guidance.

Resources Mentioned:


emergency codes, codes, communication, ER doctors, emergency medicine, emergency room

Scott Wisniewski, EA