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EP 12: Don’t Miss Out on Round 2 of PPP Funding!

It’s here. An extension of the original CARES Act passed in March designed to help people and businesses get through the pandemic has passed. We call it… the sequel. We’ve done the analysis for our clients and ~75% will be eligible for this round of funding. That’s understandable given the disruptions in emergency medicine. And if this goes for you, you’ll want to apply ASAP or seek help.

In this episode, we go over how to handle round 1 if you received funding, what to look for in qualifying for round 2, and some other ER-specific legislation that passed.

Topics Discussed:
  • How to handle closing out round 1 of PPP funding.
  • What forms to use and how the forgiveness has changed.
  • Deductibility of expenses and changes that have happened.
  • Why you’re not too late on handling round 1.
  • What to look for to qualify for round 2.

Resources Mentioned:

PPP Funding  




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